🎣 Easy Storage and Carry: Per set includes 3pcs hook removers. All of them are packed in an independent stocking tube which makes them easy to keep and convenient to put into your bag or case. All tubes are made of hard plastic, preventing the fishing hook removers from destruction and rust.

🎣 Perfect Fishing Accessories and Equipment: Made of durable stainless material. Non-slip space aluminum handle, anodized surface, durable atmosphere, fit for both fresh water and saltwater.

🎣 Special Removal Design: Compared with traditional one-way fishing hooks removers, our fishing stuff is designed as a spiral remover, more convenient to remove the fish hook from every angle without dropping off. The spiral design is smooth and does not hurt the line, it is easier to enter the fish mouth, very convenient decoupling. Fast circle line/line hook, you can quickly find the hook, close your eyes can get; Straight to the hook and deep in the throat. Remove hooks faster, safer, and do less harm to the fish while protecting your hands.

🎣 Multifunction with Magnet: Bottom strong magnetic design, fast adsorption hook, the hook remover could help to tell the slim fishing hooks from line cutters, fishing grippers & pilers, and fishing gears in your portable fishing supplies bag or small tackle box.

🎣 Product Usage Steps: Hook picker spiral ring set into the fishing line, sliding downward set into the hook after decoupling.