Top LED: Each light has 16PCS upgrade LEDs, feature better heat dissipation, wider lighting angle, higher intensity light and extend a longer lifetime, features excellent bright light and extend a longer lifetime

Stand Out Brightness: Output 3 times brighter light than others. High brightness of Turn/Brake light, low brightness of Taillight. Improve visibility and ensure you a safer night

Easy Installation: Just surface mount the grommets & light setup, attach the 3-prong plug to light, and then connect the 3 wire lead.

Ready For The Weather: Be highly silicon sealed, IP67 waterproof rating, always be ready for different kinds of weather attack

Universal Application: Work on 12V-24V DC system, function as turn/Brake light, tail light for all kinds of trucks, trailers, tractors, semi-trailer, horse trailer, travel trailer, dump truck, special vehicle, etc. Just make sure the hole size before you purchase