1.100% Brand New and Waterproof

2.Colour: White and Red

3.Woring Voltage: 12V

4.Output power: 7W

5.Material: ABS+ Aluminum alloy

6.Quantity: 1sets ( 2Bulbs)

7.Long Life Span

8.Function: Prompt to turn

7.Installed Simply, Good Looking and Utility

8.High Brightness LED, Power Consumptions Savage

9.OEM Type,100% fit for the Cars


This product is for pair of amazing door step courtesy laser projector shadow lights. When opening the door, you will see LED light projection like welcoming you, and emanating charmingly. This fashion is popular among the young and car enthusiasts. It is exact fit light and you can just take out the old light on your car then insert it without change wires or drill hole.



(1) The original position without punching instead of throwing shot lamp, projection image for the logo.

(2) No need to change the line, just remove the original lights, no need to buy wire harness, no need to decode change this lamps and lanterns can.

(3) Replace the original door light, our products include the original car light, laser light, original car original taste!

(4) The one can be optional replacement pictures


Easy to install–Direct Replacement No modifications required No wire cutting.




Please check the year and model of your car

For Model 3 (2018~2021) (suitable for front and rear door)

For Model Y (2018~2021) (suitable for front and rear door)

For Model S (2016~2021) (suitable for front and rear door)

For Model X (2016~2021) (only suitable front door)


It just take you a little while to install

Step1: Use a screwdriver to pop out the original light carefully.

Step2: Push down the clip to remove the wire. Notice: Do not let go of the cable.

Step3: After removing the original light, just plug in the projection light.

Step4: Done. It projects a clear image on the ground.