• Holds 2 Standard Credit Card Sized ID Cards (1 Front/1Back) Open Face is Great for Insert and Removal
  • Horizontal or Vertical Layout – Perfect Fit for Your CAC or Standard ID Badge
  • Sturdy and Durable. Great for Anyone Needing to Access Two Cards Frequently
  • High Quality Badge Reels – Rated for 100,000 Pulls
  • Cord length 34 Inches – Carabiner Attachment Perfect for Belt Loops, Aprons, Backpacks, Bags and More

Two of our most popular badge holders of all time available in a convenient and economical combo. Features a sturdy but lightweight badge holder with two sides. It holds two standard ID Badges and can hang Horizontally (Landscape) or Vertically (Portrait). The carbiner badge reels features a strong belt loop clip that holds it securely to your pants, button loop, purse strap, backpack and more. Both products are premium quality and long lasting. We’ve been badge holder experts for over a decade and bring the experience and resources to ensure we provide every customer with top of the line badge holders, every time


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