• 【MATCHING CRYSTAL NECKLACE】 You will receive 2 pieces of matching crystal necklaces. Delicate faceted cuts and high polish add shine and texture to this 6 facet crystal couple necklace, it is very suitable for couples to wear every day. The Reiki of this couple necklace can enhance the love and understanding between couples.
  • 【NATURAL HEALING CRYSTAL AND STONE】 This couple jewelry is made of natural crystal stones-obsidian and clear quartz. Different Reiki crystals correspond to the seven chakras of the human body. Crystal couple necklaces can change the magnetic field around the wearer with positive effects. Wearing crystal jewelry for a long time is good for luck, love, and wealth.
  • 【MORE DETAILS】 The size of the crystal pendant: 1.4*0.72 inches. The longest length of the adjustable chain: 30 inches. And please note that since the healing crystal pendants are all made by hand from natural crystals and stones, different chakra necklaces may have slightly different colors and shapes. But each crystal jewelry is so delicate and beautiful that it is worth buying.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT】 The crystal jewelry is suitable for wearing in various scenarios. Add glamour to your everyday wear, parties, or business events. These gemstone necklaces are come in a beautiful gift box, it is a perfect gift for couples, friends, sisters, brothers, and children at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, and other important holidays.

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