• Experience Fast Speed & Fun – Zyerch high-speed RC boat can achieve a speed of 20+ mph with a powerful motor. Get rid of boredom and experience the speed and control on the water. A superb water RC boat for kids and adults in hot summer.
  • Multiplayer or Explore Without Interference – Multiplayer competition lets your RC boat race against friends, the 2.4GHz frequency controller features a high capability of avoiding signal disruption, allowing you to race more than 20 boats against each other at the same time which brings full control and enjoyment. A 500ft signal range lets you explore deeper waters.
  • Ultra Long Battery Life – There is nothing worse than going far to some lake and only having 5mins of fun. Zyerch has the power! RC boat provides two rechargeable 7.4V600mah batteries which extend the game time up to 20 minutes, bringing you a real long-lasting enjoyable experience. Prepare 4 AA dry batteries required for the transmitters in advance, allowing you to start the games earlier.

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