How to use
  1. Insert the hand piece flex plug into power output socket on the main control machine.
  2. Select grinding mold of different sizes according to actual requirements, and fasten/secure it into the front of the hand piece.
  3. Connect with the main source power.
  4. Choose the mode on the main control machine “+” (which means clockwise direction of the hand piece) or “-” (which means counterclockwise direction) and then switch to “On” position.
  5. Choose the mode on the hand piece “ON” to start the machine. And choose mode “OFF” for a pause.
  6. Select the speed level that you need by sliding the speed control knob.? Please adjust the hand piece to the lowest speed before changing clockwise / counterclockwise direction
  7. After finishing, switch to “OFF” on the hand piece and switch to “OFF” on the main control machine and unplug it.
    What’s in the package
    • 1x Electric Nail File Main control
    • 1 x Hand piece
    • 1 x Handpiece stander
    • 6 x Bits included Mandrel
    • 6 x abrasive sleeves
    • 1 x English Manual