Using Outside? : The tape it comes with is just for indoor use, so find some 3M tape or strong double sided tape to stick them if you want to use them outside

Waterproof?: The PVC is a type of thin plastic type material, they are fine even getting wet

Which side facing out?: They are black on both sides, it doesn’t matter which side faces outward

DIY: The wings of these bats can be folded into different angles to form a more realistic flying posture

Wide Applicability: Not only can be applied to the walls, but also doors,glass,closet,wardrobe,refrigerator,bookshelf and other smooth surfaces

Easy to Apply: Come with upgraded double-sided adhesive, not easy to fall, you can place it on the back of the bats and stick it to anywhere you want

Easy to Remove: It will not cause damage when peeled from the wall or window, and leaves no residue either

Durable Material: These bat decorations are made of waterproof polyvinyl chloride, which is sturdy and durable

How long does this hold? : They will stay up as long as your wall is a desireable texture

Reusable?: They are definitely reusable, while you would just need to get new adhesive squares for the back