• SET OF 4 KiNSMART DIECAST TRUCKS FOR KIDS: Diecast Toy Trucks Set includes the most desired and most loved toddler truck toys: ice cream truck toy, school bus toy, food truck toy and mail truck toy. The set is great as decorations, collective items, storytelling time toys where you can make stories to tell your kids or let your kids be creative and make their own stories with these lovely trucks or roleplay with their friends.
  • PLAY AND LEARN AS THE SAME TIME: The set of toy trucks for kids are well-made with care for your kids’ fun and development. The toys are moveable with pullback action, openable doors, detailed interior to amaze your kids and make learning more interesting. While playing with the pullback trucks, your kids can develop their imagination and storytelling skills as well as learn about vehicles, occupations, colors and many more.
  • HIGH QUALITY, VIVID COLORS AND STURDY: Every toy truck in the set is sturdy to stay with your kids for a long time, the graphics are printed on the truck, not stickers that can be easily peeled off, the colors are vivid so that the toys can be easily located, the detailed interior will surprise you and your kids. Perfect little gift or stocking stuffer for any child who enjoys cars, vehicles play or roleplay.
  • PERFECT FOR FAMILY BONDING TIME: These can be delightful and meaningful for any parents or grandparents that are or used to be a school bus driver, postal worker, ice cream or food truck worker and more. Also, if they have kids, with the realistic looking and the pullback action to make the toy trucks even more life-like, these will surely bring the family closer when they tell their kids about their jobs and meaningful life lessons!
  • GREAT VALUE AND SAFE PLAY: The set of kid trucks includes 4 most loved truck toys, they are made of toxic-free, high quality materials. The ice cream toys in the window of the toy ice cream truck and the food attached to the food truck for kids are parts of the toy trucks and do not come off, which makes every diecast truck in the set safe and there are no small items to lose in the playroom. Get it now to amaze your little angels and delight your loved ones!

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