1. Smallest and Lightest – The smallest and lightest portable jump starter power bank in the current market. Only 5.47×3.11×0.67inch for 240g.
2. High Quality Materials – Using 3 Lithium Battery Cells for a Powerful 12V charge, it has 20000mAh capacity and 400A peak current, producing up to 30 jumps on a single charge; able to jump start 5.0L Gas or 3.0L Diesel engines, it can fully protect yourself in an emergency with its red and black Smart Protection Clamps that protect against over-current, reverse-charging, over-voltage, short-circuit, under-voltage, over-temperature and anti-access battery polarity. Can use in the environment for -40°~+80°.
4. Power Almost Anything – Can jump start your vehicle’s dead battery or be used as a power pack to charge Smartphones, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5, Tablets, PDAs, Digital Cameras, Games, and more; with a built in 5V/2A USB output, it has a powerful Battery Charger Power Bank.
5. LED Display and SOS Light – When charging, indicator lights will flash one by one. The number of slid indicator lights indicates the battery capacity of the bank. With SOS light for the emergency situation.

Color: Black
Materials: Lithium Polymer + Plastic
Dimension: 5.47*3.11*0.67inch
Weight: 240g
USB Output: 5V/2A
Support for: Emergency starting of 12V car
Starting Current: 200A
Peak Current: 400A
Operating Temperature: -40°~+80°